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Mysore is known for its rich culture and colorful tradition. The spectacular town of Karnataka entertains the traveler with its eye- catching palaces which are the heritage of the its glorious past. Built by former rulers, these palaces are fascinating to look at. Tourists come and get immersed in the richness of history. Apart from its palaces there are plenty of ancient temples. The Chamundeshwari Temple is one of the major attrtactions and one of the major landmarks of Mysore.

Maharaja's Palace :
It is one of the popular sites to visit in Mysore. It epitomizes prestige and the rich historical past. The structure is the creative genius of an English Architect, Henry Irwin. The beauty of the palace lies in its architecture . Other bewitching features include marvelously sculpted pillars, elaborately carved doors and golden howdah.

Srirangapatnam The Jaganmohan Palace :
Jaganmohan Palace was the retreat for the royal family of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar. The magnificent building has three storeys. It has stained glass shutters, ventilators and has a picturesque garden setting metamorphosed into an art gallery. The museum displays paintings, sculptures and musical instruments.

Chamundi Hills :
On top of the city, there is Chamundi hill at a height of 1095m. There is a temple built by Krishnaraja Wadyar III, where a golden idol of goddess Chamundeswari or Durga is placed. The temple has beautiful architecture. The Gopuram of the temple is 40m high and 7 storeyed. On the top of the temple there is an image of Mahishasur. From the hill, the illuminated Mysore city and the surrounding scenery are clearly visible.

Lalita Mahal :
On the way to Chamundi, on the hilly slope, the Royal Guest House was built by Krishnaraj IV in 1930. Now it has been converted into a 5-star hotel run by ITDC. Tourists may visit the palace after taking permission from the superintendent. The Italian marble steps of the dining hall of the hotel are simply amazing.

St. Philomena’s Church :
This church is a lure for the religious traveler and is a must watch among the tourist attractions of Mysore. This church is a Gothic structure whose structure is based on the Cathedral at Cologne. You will also come across the statue of St. Philomena on the altar who was a third century saint from Greece. This magnificent church is visited by a large number of tourists every year.

Chamrajendra Zoological Garden :
Built in 1832, Mysore Zoo is a good tourist spot. It is lying 3kms to the east of the palace, covering 37 hectrares of artificial forest and surrounded by a ditch under the azure sky, the Zoo is a beautiful garden too.

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How to Reach Mysore

How to Reach Mysore The nearest airport from Mysore is the Bangalore Airport which is connected with major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. One has to take a direct flight to Bangalore. After that, by hiring a taxi or any other means of transport one can easily reach Mysore.[more info]